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Because all of my academic training has been in biology, I have always considered my illustrative work to be “a hobby that got out of hand.” I use it as an adjunct of my research, and have gained many scientifically useful insights from the careful study of specimens that is required for the kind of detailed renderings I do. I rarely call myself an artist, although others often do, but rather use the term illustrator. For one thing, it is literally what I am professionally because about 90% of my work has appeared in some publication or other, from popular magazines to scientific journals, and from field guides to popular natural history books. But there is a philosophical aspect to this terminology. While still a graduate student, I entered a painting in LSU’s annual Student Art Show, only to have it rejected because it was “not art” according to the jury! So I leave the question of whether my work is “art” to the beholder. The craft of illustration is honorable enough for me. My work ranges from the purely clinical to the unabashedly decorative, but I always strive for accuracy and informational content as well as aesthetics. This gallery is as complete as I can make it, but many things over the years have gotten away from me before I could have them photographed. Some of the work shown here is available for sale - please see the Art Sales page for list and details.