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My friend and fellow LSU alum Alan Feduccia, now an alumnus professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, asked me to illustrate a small book he had written as a visitors' guide to the birds of Colonial Williamsburg. The project eventually evolved into my only "coffee table book." It was an interesting and unusual project because the CW Foundation wanted at least half of the paintings to show recognizable Williamsburg artifacts or structures. I made two visits to CW at different seasons to photograph garden plants, houses, governmental buildings, fences, street lamps, chimneys, and anything else birds might use or pose in front of. I learned to paint a lot of manmade objects that I never thought I would paint. The book is long out of print, so, for completeness, I have included some reproductions scanned from artist's proofs, although a few of the paintings are still missing from this collection.