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The Traveller's Wildlife Guide: Hawaii by Les Beletsky; Academic Press (2000); Interlink Books (2006)
Florida: The Ecotraveller's Wildlife Guide by Fiona Sundquist and Les Beletsky, Academic Press (2001)
The Ecotraveller's Wildlife Guide to the Caribbean (unpublished)
These books, edited by Les Beletsky and first published by Academic Press, formed a growing series in which species used in a previous volume were re-used (and the artist re-paid!) in subsequent titles. For example, the ducks for the Hawaii book were used in several others because they are widespread species. It was a great deal for the artists. Unfortunately, it all came to a halt when Academic Press was bought out by Elsevier, who wanted only their online journals. Beletsky found other publishers for some titles, sometimes with altered titles, but the artists no longer benefit from them. When the Elsevier purchase occurred, I had nearly finished a new title for the Caribbean, which was never published. Fortunately, I own the copyright to the paintings and I am seeking other uses for them.