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As a leading expert on the natural history (especially birds) of the region, Doug Pratt has led over 60 tours to “Pacific Rim” destinations including Hawaii, Micronesia, Fiji, Polynesia, Galápagos, Singapore, insular Malaysia, and Indonesia. He has also led groups in Kenya and throughout North America and has visited Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and the Lesser Antilles. Never wanting to be tied down to any one operator, Doug has led independent tours for nature centers, bird clubs, NGOs, and private groups, as well as several commercial tour companies.

2014 (April) Leader of Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, tour, Naturalist Journeys, Portal AZ.

2011  (Feb-March) Leader of Hawaii tour, Naturalist Journeys, Portal, AZ.

2007 (March).  Leader of Hawaii tour, North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences.

2005 (Jan-Feb):  Lecturer on island biogeography, Galapagos Islands tour, Naturalist Journeys, Portal, AZ.

2004 (November).  Ecotour ornithologist, Hawaiian Islands tour, Naturalist Journeys, P. O. Box 16545, Portal, AZ 85632.  Phone 866/900-1146.  Peg Abbott, supervisor.

2004 (October). Ecotour ornithologist, Hawaiian Islands, Skimmer Tours, Houston, TX.

2003 (February).  Birding guide for private tour of Micronesia, Stuart Keith family.

2002 (October).  Ecotour ornithologist, Hawaiian Islands, Naturalist Journeys, Portal, AZ.

2002 (February).  Ecotour ornithologist, Hawaiian Islands, National Audubon Society.

2001 (October).   Ecotour ornithologist, Hawaiian Islands, Armand Bayou Nature Center, Houston, TX.

1986-2000.  Birding and natural history tour leader in Hawaii (many), Micronesia (6), and Kenya (3), Voyagers International, Ithaca, NY.  Co-sponsoring organizations have included American Birding Association (8 tours) , Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology (2), National Audubon Society (3), Philadelphia Academy of Sciences, Rhode Island Audubon Society, New York City Audubon Society, New Orleans Audubon Society, Connecticut Audubon Society, and Hawaii Audubon Society.

2000 (April).   Birding guide for private tour of Hawaii.

1999 (March-April).  Ecotour ornithologist, Hawaiian Islands, Cincinnati Nature Center.

1999 (February-March).  Field seminar ornithologist, “Exploring the Hawaiian Archipelago:  Hawaii, Kauai, and Midway Atoll, Cloud Ridge Naturalists, Ward CO.

1998 (February). Field seminar ornithologist, “Island biogeography in an age of extinction.” Cloud Ridge Naturalists, Ward CO.

1997 (August) and 1995 (September).  Ecotour naturalist, Hawaii/Kauai, Armand Bayou Nature Center, Houston TX.

1995 (June-July).  Naturalist aboard adventure cruise ship World Discoverer (Fiji-Tahiti-Honolulu), Society Expeditions, Seattle, Washington.

1992 (August), 1991 (February), 1990 (April).  Birding tour leader (Hawaii). Four Points Nature Tours, Chattanooga TN.

1991 (October-November) Birding tour leader (Hawaii), Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, Austin TX.

1991 (May).  Birding expedition leader, Dry Tortugas FL.  Four Points Nature Tours, Chattanooga TN.

1991 (March).  Instructor, Hawaii Ecology Workshop, National Audubon Society Ecology Education Center, Greenwich CT.

1990 (August-September).  Lecturer in ornithology and general natural history aboard adventure cruise ship World Discoverer (Circle Borneo Cruise), Society Expeditions, Seattle, Washington.

1988 (April).  Birding Tour Leader (Hawaii), McHugh Ornithology Tours, Seattle WA.

1981-83, 1985, 1990, 1999 (March each year).  Leader of Hawaii natural history tours, Cincinnati Nature Center, Milford OH.

1980 (October).  Leader of Hawaiian Islands Ecology Workshop, National Audubon Society Western Education Center, Tiburon, CA.

1979 (December) and 1978 (December).  Instructor for field course in Hawaiian  natural history, University of Houston Continuing Education, Houston TX.

1979 (March).  Birding tour leader (Hawaii), Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA.

1978, 1976.  Birding tour leader (Hawaii and Micronesia); World Nature Tours, Inc., Silver Spring, MD.

Research Expeditions
(All expeditions include general bird observation; more specific activities are noted. Ecotours are not repeated here.)

2007 April. MICRONESIA. Recording and photographing birds on Pohnpei, Palau, Yap, Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. Supported by accompanying group of contributing amateurs.

2006 November. SAMOAN ARCHIPELAGO. Recording birds with special focus on Ofu, where no recording have previously been made, and Savaii. Guest of Wildlife Department of American Samoa, with additional support from research fund with Friends of the Museum.

2005 November.  FIJI:  Recording of birds with special attention to Taveuni and Kadavu, two islands previously poorly studied.  With equipment from Macaulay Library and financial support from Naturalist Journeys.

2004 November.  GUAM:  Photography of native vegetation and landscapes.

2003 February.  MICRONESIA:  Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Saipan, Tinian, Rota, Palau, Yap.  Bird photography.

1998 March.  HAWAIIAN IS.:  Maui.  Waikamoi Preserve.

1997 August.  HAWAIIAN IS.:  Kauai.  Alaka‘i Wilderness Preserve.

1995 September.  HAWAIIAN IS.:  Kauai.  Alaka‘i Swamp Trail.  Recording of bird vocalizations.

1995 June.  KIRIBATILine Islands.  Recording of bird vocalizations, photography.

1995 June.  TONGA:  Vava‘u.  Recording of bird vocalizations.

1994 October.  HAWAIIAN IS.:  Maui (Hanawi Natural Area Reserve).  Volunteer researcher for National Biological Survey Rare Bird Search.  Recording of bird vocalizations.

1993 December.  PANAMASoberanía National Park

1993 February.  HAWAIIAN IS.:  Hawaii (Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge) and Kauai (Alakai Wilderness Preserve). 

1992 September.  KENYA.  General bird observation and photography in preparation for work on new Kenya field guide for Princeton University Press.

1992 June-July.  FIJI (Viti Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu); WESTERN SAMOA (Upolu); COOK ISLANDS (Rarotonga); VANUATU (Efate, Espiritu Santo).  Recording of bird vocalizations.

1991 May.  FLORIDADry Tortugas.  Bird photography.

1990 September.  INDONESIASulawesi, Balabaloang Atoll, Komodo National Park, Bali.  Bird photography.

1990 September.  MALAYSIA:  Coastal areas of Sarawak and Sabah.  Bird photography.

1990 January.  WEST INDIESPuerto Rico, Martinique, Dominica.  Bird photography.

1988 February.  MICRONESIA:  Kosrae.  Recording of bird vocalizations, bird photography.

1986 November.  TAIWANTatu River estuary, Kukuan, Wu Lai.  Environmental impact study.

1981 June.  FLORIDA:  Southern mainland and Florida Keys.  Photography of birds and plants as reference material for proposed work on National Geographic Society field guide.

1981 June.  BAHAMASGrand Bahama and New Providence.  Photography.

1978 August.  MICRONESIAYap, Guam.  Environmental impact study, specimen (skins and skeletons)  collecting.

1978 June-July.  MICRONESIA:  Pohnpei, Truk, Guam, Yap, Saipan, Palau, under grant from Frank M. Chapman Memorial Fund.  Specimen (skins, skeletons, tissue samples) collecting, sound recording.

1978 February.  HAWAII:  Kona region.  Specimen collecting, sound recording.

1978 late January.  KAUAIKokee State Park. Sound recording.

1978 early January.  PALAUSouthern Babeldaob, Peleliu.  Environmental impact study.

1977 June-July.  SAMOA  (Tutuila, Upolu, Savaii) and FIJI  (Viti Levu, Vanua Levu): Under grants from BYU-Hawaii Campus to D. G. Berrett and J. S. McIlhenny funds, LSU Museum of Natural Science to H. D. Pratt.  Photography and recording.

1977 May-June.  KAUAI:  Wetlands of entire island.  Environmental study.

1977 late May.  HAWAII:  Puu Hualalai.  Specimen (skins) collecting.

1977 April-May.  HAWAII:  Keauhou Ranch, in cooperation with Instititute of Pacific Islands Forestry.  Recording.

1977 early April.  MAUI:  Polipoli Springs, in cooperation with Instititute of Pacific Islands Forestry.  Recording and specimen collecting.

1977 March.  KAUAIKokee State Park.  Recording.

1976 October. KAUAIKokee State Park.  Recording.

1976 September.  OAHUNorth Halawa Valley. E nvironmental survey.

1976 August.  HAWAIIMauna Kea Forest Reserve.  Recording, specimen collecting.

1976 June-July.  MICRONESIA:  Mariana Is., Pohnpei, Yap, Truk, Palau; under grant from Brigham Young University - Hawaii Campus to D. G. Berrett.  Recording, specimen (skins and skeletons) collecting.

1976 May.  KAUAIKokee State Park and vicinity.

1975 late August.  HAWAII:  Keauhou Ranch/Kilauea Forest Reserve, with logistical aid of U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

1975 August.  MAUI:  Area of future Hanawi Natural Area Reserve.  Recording.

1975 late July.  MOLOKAIMolokai Forest Reserve, in cooperation with U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service expedition.

1975 June-July.  KAUAI: Alakai Plateau, with partial support from J. S. McIlhenny funds, LSU Museum of Natural Science.  Recording, skin collecting.

1975 June.  MIDWAY ISLANDS:  In cooperation with team from Brigham Young University - Hawaii Campus.  Recording, photography, and specimen collecting.

1974 August. HAWAIIAN ISLANDSOahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai.

1972-74 (intermittent).  LOUISIANA:  Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes under National Defense Education Act Title IV Fellowship.  Specimen collecting.

1972 March.  MEXICOTamaulipas, San Luis Potosí.

1966 June-August.  MEXICO:  Tamaulipas to Chiapas as Assistant to Davidson College Biology Department.

1965 June-August.  ECUADOR:  Member of Project of the Americas (PRAM) delegation.
1988, Micronesia, Palau, Urukthapel (Robert L. Pyle at left)
1990, Hawaii, Kulani, ABA Group
1995, Bora Bora (with Angela Kay Kepler aboard World Discoverer)
1989, Hawaii, Maui, Waikamoi Preserve, (L to R) Benton Basham, Doug Pratt, Dwight Lee (photo by David Hunter)
1978, Micronesia (with Dr. Tom Daggy on left)
2007, Hawaii, Holei Sea Arches (with Becky Desjardins)
2005, Fiji, Viti Levu (Peg Abbott of Naturalist Journeys at far right)
2006, Samoa, Mt. Silisili above Aopo, Savaii
2003, Yap
1986, Taiwan, Tatu River Estuary, Kukuan, Wu Lai
1978, Palau, Sound Recording
1974, Hawaii, Kauai
1975, Hawaii, Kauai, Alakai Plateau, (L to R) Rob Shallenberger, Sheila Conant, Doug Pratt
1974, Hawaii, Haleakala
1976, Yap, Phillip Bruner
2005, Isabela Island, Galápagos (with Joseph)
2007, Hawaii, Hanelei National Wildlife Refuge
1965, Florida (with Mark Simpson and Sterling Southern)