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Many years ago, I began compiling a bibliography of  Hawaiian honeycreepers, and later expanded it to cover birds in the coverage area of my next book, Birds of the Tropical Pacific: Hawaii, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Thus it covers the Hawaiian Islands and Midway, Micronesia, Polynesia east to Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua) and west to Fiji. Entries are coded by two-letter abbreviations so that, by using the Find command in Word, one can locate all the references on a given broad subject. My purpose is to provide scholars in the region with easy access to the literature. For my own work, I use this bibliography every time I write a paper and just use cut-and-paste to assemble a Literature Cited. It saves a lot of time.

The selfish reason for making this compilation available to the public is to encourage scholars to assist me in making it as complete as possible. Importantly, I hope authors will make sure all of their own appropriate publications have been included. I make additions and changes to this bibliography on an almost daily basis. Every time a new paper is published, I find references cited, often longstanding ones, that I have overlooked despite all my efforts. Also, with the proliferation of online and increasingly specialized journals, one person simply cannot keep up. You can assist by sending me any missing older references, and especially recent publications.

The bibliography is in two large Word files (.docx), not too large to email.  Email me for the latest update (see Contact Info).